February 10, 2020


The spectrum of choices ranging from what you know to what you don’t leaves you uncertain on your ability to judge. Now, what if I could recommend a book that encourages a highly accurate and swift decision-making process? That book would be Blink, written by a Canadian journalist, author, and public speaker, Malcolm Gladwell. This book persuades one's belief in snap judgment that can be educated and controlled. An excerpt from the binding of the book that unveils itself would be,
"An art expert instantly spots a fake. A cop decides whether to shoot. A psychologist accurately predicts a couple's future in minutes. This book is about those moments when we know something without knowing why. It shows that honing your instincts could change the way you think about thinking forever.."  
The concepts from the book are divided into 4 parts, one that explains rapid cognition, the next provides circumstances based on intuitive thinking, followed by the favorable scenarios to choose or balance between deliberate and subconscious thought processes while the fourth part depicts common failures that can occur when relied only upon instinctive decisions. The author describes prejudices and stereotypes, concluding that these terms can have an immense impact on us. Thus, this book based upon “The power of thinking without thinking”  takes us on a journey into the wonders of unconsciousness. [line]
Truly successful decision making relies on a balance between deliberate and instinctive thinking.”  
one among many other lines the author believes in would make us wonder if our decisions exerted so far have been worth fighting for at all. My personal opinion was, at first in a conflict with what I had just read. However, as his references remain genuine, the choice to learn and adapt these techniques would be of our own.  Besides, once we understand the strengths and weaknesses of our decision-making skills, it becomes our responsibility to act. The author conscientiously thinks one can eradicate preconceptions through their experiences and practice, which can help one perceive better. The book gives nothing more nor less than just well-articulated facts, left at the doorstep. The way he decides to deliver sure did leave an everlasting impression on me.

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