February 10, 2020


For an avid Non-Fiction genre devotee choosing a fiction book is a tedious job. But once you travel into the realms of the fictionary universe, you are liberated from the shackles defined by our reality. You dare to read and experience things that can never happen (At least in our lifetime). Metamorphosis is a fictional story written by Franz Kafka. Born in a middle-class German-speaking Jewish family in 1883, Kafka’s life is a testimony of his work; and vice versa.
Kafka’s indecisive take on authority- his ability to respect it, revolt against it, and take the fall for everything; seems to sum up his intricate relationship with his father. A decade after his death in 1924, his works were published and translated, rapidly becoming a landmark work of 21-st century literature. Metamorphosis is often regarded as one of Kafka’s most influential work. Relatively speaking this fewer than a 100-pages short story was a mentally exhausting read for me. The story begins with a pristine charactered traveling-salesman named Gregor Samsa. He lives with his parents and a little sister. One Morning he woke up from an agitated dream only to realize that he was transformed into a frightful vermin. What happens next was poignantly expressed by the author. The book was principally acknowledged for its themes such as alienation, disillusionment, and existentialism. The protagonist struggles to adapt himself & his humanly values with his sudden switch to a hideous vermin, we are led into a warp by the author that deals with the senselessness of reality, isolating experience of modern life and the ruthless life lead by the working-class folks. Metamorphosis urges me to read more of Franz Kafka’s work.
In conclusion, Metamorphosis is a skeptically exceptional and disturbing book.

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