February 10, 2020

Period. End of sentence.

Nothing can stop you from progress, even menstruation, for that matter. Imagine you are in school, where you have to leave your benches as soon as the bell rings. In your first period, unlike the earlier, you will have to pause, look over, and comprehend that first red spot. In this Oscar-winning Netflix documentary directed by Rayka Zehtabchi, women strive for a quiet revolution toward the stigma concerning menstruation. They demonstrate this situation from a rural village outside Delhi in India, with the assistance of students from Oakwood School, Los Angeles.
The 25-minute documentary displays this argument and confers various women, men, and their perception of menstruation. Most women had to fall out of several activities on their period-cycle since they had only a cloth to use for their protection, which is unhygienic. A cause that often prevents them from persevering their goals. Astonishing to even come across events as such where women still shy away, in this documentary, they were ensured to have an aim. They were part of ‘The Pad Project’ that encouraged a better future for themselves and their loved ones, via being able to work with the pad-machine they were provided with, hence could produce and thus use affordable sanitary pads. This documentary retains its authenticity as it depicts; the lack of awareness in men with their witty remarks and women who yearn to help each other. Part of this documentary is Mr. Arunachalam Muruganathan, inventor of the low-cost sanitary pad making-machine, who believes the most powerful creature given to this planet is admittedly a girl. By the end of the project, they did overturn the scenario into making men and women realize how much more they could accomplish with mutual understanding and respect.
Their striking realization over how patriarchy has been affecting their society is poignant. Among various other reasons to watch this short documentary, an affirmation that women can be much more than what they are entitled to today would suffice.

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