February 10, 2020

The Alchemist

There are very few books that we can undoubtedly say have incredibly influenced the readers. ‘The Alchemist’ by Paulo Coelho is one among them. This book is about a boy named ‘Santiago,’ a mere shepherd boy whose desire is to travel the world in search of a treasure. The theme here is straightforward and analogous to the story of a stable boy who falls in love with a princess. What makes Santiago’s story more impactful is where the legacy of Paulo Coelho lies. His unconditional love for literature was fiercely opposed by his parents, who committed an unspeakable act of admitting him in a mental institution twice, where Paulo underwent multiple sessions of electroconvulsive therapy. The author himself is the boy named Santiago in many ways.
The way he narrates the story will blow the reader’s mind away. No, I am not overselling it. It did blow my mind away to millions of pieces, and it demanded me to collect those million pieces back until it made sense. When I read this book for the first time, it was already famed as one among the best books. It was everywhere, and the hype was real. I have this terrible habit of being extremely critical when something is celebrated irrefutably. However, after starting the book, I got a sense of reading something exceptional. We all know the sayings, ‘Listen to what your heart says / Trust your intuition,’ etc., this book takes these saying to the next level convincingly. The book urges the reader to practice the essential wisdom of listening to our heart, to follow our dreams. There are several instances where the protagonist could have settled for a well known and easy path. It almost seemed stupid for him to deny such entrenched good life. The boy pauses; he lives, loves,, learns and struggles. But he never gives up on himself or his dream. 
He never settles for the next best thing. The author uses mystical means such as supernatural presence & visions throughout the boy’s story to support his claim of how listening to one’s heart will lead you to the path of continued success that only a few chooses. There are several hard-hitting statements that every reader would relate with. I especially savored the ending. It was painstakingly beautiful. 

To sum it up, the book is one eensy pill of tremendous positive energy.

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