February 16, 2020

The COVID papers Unlocked

SARS-CoV-2 (yellow) among human cells (pink

5,352 Scientific Articles related to COVID19 is released, for free.

Thanks to the valiant efforts of Redditors (u/shrine, and subreddits r/seedboxes & r/DataHoarder)

[line]Independent researchers and students who are not a part of major educational institutions would concur when I talk about the difficulties they face while gaining access to science journals. Non-Subscribers' fee to download such articles is certainly not affordable. On the contrary, top universities around the world offer its student direct-free access to these articles. But not all of us are lucky enough to study in top universities. This inherent discrimination in dispensing knowledge is causing more problems than solutions.

U/Shrine and his fellow Redditors quoted New York Times op-ed from 2015, where the chief medical officer of Liberia proclaimed that '2,200 lives lost during the Ebola pandemic could have been prevented if there was no "Paywall" blocking an article from 1982'.

Though one could argue that a researcher has an ultimate say on the whereabouts of their work, this argument is morally flawed for several reasons. During a global humanitarian crisis, Science should offer unequivocal assistance. It is our request to all the science journals to provide open access to all COVID related articles.

Albeit illegal, Reddit archivists released 5,352 scientific articles covering coronavirus, which are fully searchable and free. This unlawful archive of research papers could land them in federal prison, but they retort that their work is 'Morally Imperative.'

We are sharing the access* to COVID related articles below
Disclaimer: We do not own rights to these access files, Contact us if you have any queries/problems 

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