March 31, 2020

Politics in the time of Pandemic

If you are someone who doesn’t care about the politics and assume its beneath you, Guess what? Everything is politics in the year 2020, the food that you eat, the clothes you wear, the car you drive, fossil fuels you waste and the money you spend. I’ll agree, it is a blissful paradise if you stay inside the bubble. I am not going to guilt-trip you by enunciating that you need to worry about the less-privileged factions of the society. After all, many of us are privileged because we or our parents worked really hard. So take a happy hike, you deserve to be happy.

But if you stay awake at night, thinking about a twitter video from that one time about caste discrimination & lynchings or an Al Jazeera documentary about orphaned children in Syria who wants to become doctors & fashion-designers, then you are not exactly happy. You probably can never be happy. Because you can’t solve the world’s problem. The hell, you can’t even solve neighbors’ family quarrel because the most decent thing to do is not interfere. Then why the hell do you stay awake at night cursing your inability to help people?  Sometimes you wish you are one of those who donate monies to feel good about yourself. But you love to think about the bigger picture, don’t you? You want to be the messiah, you want to be in the frontlines. 

Narcissism triumphs while you wither away to the next depressing issue on social media.

These are demanding times. You simply can’t afford to ignore the politics brimming around you. But you realize that you are not worried about the Palestinian crisis or Rohingya’s anymore, you are worried about yourself and your loved ones. Of course, Pandemic may come and pandemic may go but life goes on forever, except for the ones who lost it. I'll ask you something, didn’t we anticipate one? Are we not anticipating major Climatic changes? Are we not anticipating thousands of dreadful scenarios that are yet to befall us? We are clearly ignoring the “signs

In order to see the “bigger picture”, you need to take a step back. Re-evaluate your ideologies, religion, science or simply your ‘way of life’. 

Politics across the world run the government (or a nation) like a puppeteer controlling her adorable puppets. Citizens of the world are directly impacted by every aspect of the said politics. It’s the year 2020 and a Pandemic broke loose on our planet. How are governments across the world handling this crisis? Where do various spectrums of the politics stand, when we evaluate their response? The left, right and the centrist governments fared better among themselves? Or Did communism exemplified its superiority over capitalism? 

I would conclude that none of them have figured out a satisfactory way to help their people. Crisis in China affects Russia, Lockdown in New york threatens worldwide recession. Humans in the year 2020 are a single entity benefiting from/ off each other. Antarctica in the south with its melting ice caps or Siberia’s permafrost is capable of drowning half the city you live in. Everything and everyone is connected. There are no enemies. We only have each other to take care of our weird and beautiful blue planet that we call our home. 

Mainstream Divisive, communal, race, caste & gender politics must become obsolete.

Politics in the time of pandemic show that we don’t prioritize science and logical reasoning. America, a superpower elected Trump who trivialized the crisis for weeks. China, a communist haven- lied and people died. India with its right-wing extremist regime is struggling to mitigate the impact, & their weak left-leaning opposition aimlessly jumps at every opportunity to criticize their government. 

When you lie awake tonight, whether you are liberal, right nationalist, Communist or whatever you are, understand that your idealogy is just yours; your religion is yours. When you cry out loud that your idealogy or religion - is the one true solution, there are a million others who speak exactly the same.

Politics, government, and this stunning blue dirt is for everyone. We share it, we take advantage of it, we nurture it together. Politics in the time of pandemic pleads us to co-exist. Let us travel down to a place called “reality”, & learn to live & let live until we humans discover a “just” way to be less self-destructive.
Ignorance is not bliss when a pandemic slaps the ACE-2 receptors in your lungs. 

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