April 05, 2020

The Tiger King

Image Courtesy Netflix
Absorbing quarantine, one day at a time, I came across this obnoxious yet addicting series called "The Tiger King" on Netflix. Being a curious person, I binge-watched this show to comprehend the build-up behind it. And to be brief, this is an American documentary miniseries that revolves around the concepts of deranged obsessions, unattended cash flow and unacceptable abuse of exotic animals

This docu-series with a movie-like plot consisted everything from peculiar relations to deceit and betrayal. All the characters involved; owned and ill-treated animals. With a classic “he said she said touch”, the show revolves around Joe Exotic AKA The Tiger King himself. Joe’s love for his cats would soon be taken for granted by the fame, money and, power he received in return. Meanwhile, our protagonist gets involved in a petty feud to protect his park from a woman named Carole. Carole Baskin who claims to be a wildlife conservationist with an animal sanctuary, sanctioned by PETA, fought for rescue of these animals. This feud adds fuel to cause fire and at the end, you are left with no hope in humanity. One among several characters involved gets apprehended (for more than one reason) while the concerned others are let loose. Each of them unknowingly has similar experiences at the beginning. At first they acquire exotic animals illegally. Then pour all their love and heart to create the animal park by breeding these animals. Further with severely altered intent, conflicting interactions and even a distracting personal life each of them incites a fight, to reach the summit of owning the best animal park ever. I believe they have misconducted themselves, played by the loopholes in laws. Some of us could even blame the negligence by the government to take the right action at the right time. 

The unique take from this tragic story should be an awareness of unethical behavior and corruption that demonstrates the very potential to inevitably cause an imbalance in our judicial system and environment. If you have quite a lot of free time at hand, consider watching it.
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