May 30, 2020

The Secret Life of Bees

The Secret Life of Bees is my first serious love affair with the Fiction genre. Its simply the type of book that mothers pass down to their daughters, dads bestow their sons. Like the Bible or Quran, this book would be passed down to generations; but hurray for the author Sue Monk Kidd, this book will leave a wholesome dent in our hearts. For a millennial like me, this book was disguised with cliched dialogues and banalities. The abstraction of storylines was hard to envision when I started. The story is about a white teenage girl who is missing her late mother & living with a  wonted- masculine idiot of a father. The plot takes a wild but expected turn when it clashes with the racial segregation era post-1950s in the United States. For Lily, who is the aforementioned girl- life is a living hell. Her yearning for love and comfort from her father, coupled with her search for a motherly figure and her enduring curiosity turns her into an outcast.

A world where one racist asshole believes his skin color gives him some effing pseudo-superior-rights is a world that is inherently fucked up. Sadly, that’s the world we live in. Even more sadly, (excuse my lame wordplay), its not just the racists who are culpable of imparting suffering, it’s every one of the jerks who discriminate against people based on their color, caste, religion, gender, and sexuality. Now imagine a world, (or India for example) where people naturally discriminate. Being an ‘Amy’ or a ‘Trump’ or a ‘Jaggi’ is the new normal. Being a racist, bigot and a proud patriarch are not ‘frowned’ upon. That’s the kind of world our Lily lives in. That was of course, how the situation in the United States was during that era.

Now, reverting to the book. The Author Sue Monk Kidd is successful in merging the stories of a complex teenage girl with institutional racism. I expected some typical soap opera bullshit about a black woman redeeming a white girl. Well, in many ways this was the lead-up. But ‘thank the bees!’ that doesn’t happen. Each chapter starts with a fact about the bees’ lifestyle. It’s a short two-lined premise, for Lily’s story in the said chapter. But, The Secret Life of Bees is not just Lily’s story. It’s about several notable characters who snatch our attention whenever they show-up. It’s subtle and beautiful, almost wholesome but in no way normalizes the hardships of the black community. Did Lily manage to find herself a mentor? And What happened to the amazing & inspiring characters, not to forget the sack bag father? Sue Monk Kidd will take you on a pleasant and heartbreaking journey.

To be fair, this book is for people of Lily’s age and the wisdom it imparts lasts forever. So read this book to/for your kids; teach them to be better, kind, and empathetic. Let us not destroy this world by raising more racists pieces of shit.

AND, We need to Save the Environment, bees are dying! So would we.

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